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USB flash drive for recording video?


Old 12-02-2003, 09:45 PM
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Default USB flash drive for recording video?

Has anyone considered using a Flash Drive to record video from their a/c?

I thought this might work since the Drive would provide the memory and they are cheaper then sending your $500 odd dollar camcorder into the air. I just thought that this might work. I found a Flash drive from 'best buy' for $29.99 @ 128Mbytes, that's not much video and it depends on what format it is converted into. Raw data from the Camera would be the best (IMHO) and I have seen larger 256MBytes units.

Can Usb handle such a data transfere? Or is it too slow?
O.K. I just found this device on
Details: Hi-Speed USB DVD/TV Recorder with Hardware MPEG2 Encoder MPEG2 Encoder .
So it is possible.

I know it's strange, although it's probably the cheapest video if you can get the USB to work. 2 good things about USB.
1. You can daisy-chain more units on the same controller (there is a limit but it's pretty high for what we would be doing)
2. USB has a built-in power cable for each of it's connectioins so you won't have run a separte line for power. I believe they operate on 5v.

The most difficult part would be the designing/choosing the parts for the camera and placing the data into the drive.

What do you think?
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Old 12-03-2003, 08:58 AM
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Default RE: USB flash drive for recording video?

I like the idea. Wouldn't you need a CPU along with the camera? And, which camera could you use? Many questions, there are-grin Okay, using a PCMCIA PC104 802.11 card and a WINSystems PC Card would allow you to connect to a USP equipped camera. The 802.11 WLAN link could be used to connect to the onboard WINSystems PC to enable and disable record, and act like a webcam viewer. The whole thing will set you back about $ 4, 000.... but it would work. I don't think the weight would be an issue. I've hung a lot of weight on an electric glider without any problems. Power consumption would be a problem. Those boards operate on 5V, but consume AMPs not mA for dinner. The benefit of this configuration is... WLAN is free and unlicensed. I already have about a grand in my plane. I don't know if I would be able to fly with $6K (Li-p batteries included) my finger's shaking not stirred! And, the cost for "depends" might be too high-hehehe. If I had $6k to spend... I would probably purchase a jet and equip it with video.

If you got the money... I can build it!

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