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Thread: Hinging

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    Ihave just bought a half built kit of a extra 300.

    I need to hinge it all. but I have never hinges anything before and could do with some help.

    Ihave robart hinges and was told I need to hinge the ailerons at the top.

    The control surfaces are all flat at the moment. The bit I am stook with is how do I make the edge on the control surface into the 45 degree that Ineed it to be in order to have the movement?

    Any help would be good.


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    RE: Hinging

    You want to bevel only the ailerons and not the TE. Drill the holes for the hinge before you do any beveling. I draw a center line in the aileron and then put a line on the top and bottom of the aileron where you want the bevel to go to. you can then sand the bevel using the lines as your guide.
    For example; let's say the LE of the aileron is 1/2" your center line would then be 1/4" on the LE. On top of the aileron LE make a mark 1/4" the full length of the aileron and when you sand that the bevel to both lines, front and top. Do the same for the bottom of the aileron.
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    RE: Hinging

    You didn't say who makes it, what size, if it was covered, or if it's a balsa or foam kit. Do the directions say to hinge from the top? If so, this is building in differential, unusual in an aerobatic plane. 

    As you're using robarts, I'll assume it's an uncovered balsa plane. If it's a small plane ( below .40-size), you'll need the smallest robarts made. Robarts require a fair amount of good, rigid structure due to their diameter and length. Also, they require the most accuracy in drilling to prevent binding. I build a drill jig for that reason. 

    You'll need to bevel the leading edge of the surface. This is best done by placing the surface at the edge of a table and sand at a 45-degree angle with a sanding block or bar (the longer, the better). Another easy way to accomplish the bevel is to glue triangle stock to the leading edge. 

    Please post what this kit is and whether or not you have the build manual. 
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    RE: Hinging

    Hello mark36ph,

    The fact that you are asking that question makes me assume that you do not have a table saw to trim at 45 degrees.

    The only other reliable method is to use a hand held wood plane and if you do not have one I would encourage your to buy a small one. They are roughly 6 inches long.

    It can be done wth sandpaper glued on a long flat straight piece of wood about 8 to 12 inches long and a couple of inches wide but it is not recommended. It is much sanding and lots of wood dust.

    If your Robarts hinges are the 1/8" dia size you can locate the rotation axis 1/16" below the top wing surface and make notches to eliminate any gap between the spars (aileron spar of the wing and front spar of the ailerons).

    Regards from Zor

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    RE: Hinging

    I use a small electric finishing sander or a wood sanding block. I have used an edge sander on big strip ailerons but to date I have never used a table saw. Now that it has been mentioned, it sounds like a good idea to me, I will give it a try next time.
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