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Hiec HG3XA gyro set up questions

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Default Hiec HG3XA gyro set up questions

Hi guys,
I installed a HiTec HG3XA stabilizer into my Estrellita EF1 pylon racer and I"m having 2 issues that are not covered in the manual and I need some help.
Gyro location is not per the manual:
My root chord is about 10.5". The center of the gyro is about 3" behind the CG. I can't put it on the CG because the flight battery is there. Maybe that my issue but it seems like it should still work.??

After plugging in my flight battery, I let the gyro initiate. Then I flip the 3 way switch several times so that the center is all set up. It should be ready for flight. I take off with the switch in the middle so the gyro is turned "off" and the plane flys normally. Pylon style turns are just right.
( NOTE, I'm not using the gyro on my rudder. ONLY use it on elevator and aileron.)

Then after a few laps I turn it on in "rate" mode. (normal mode?)
Suddenly my turns are really long and wide. Like the gyro is limiting my servo travel to less than my commands.
I go back to "off" mode and the plane returns to normal behavior.
In Heading Hold, the plane turns TOO TIGHT. Like the gyro is making the servos travel MORE than my commands.

I started with the gains really low and increased them over a few flights until they are almost all the way up.. Changing them doesn't seem to help.
Any ideas?

I'm running a Spectrum DX8 TX.
Travel for elevator and ailerons is at 100%
I limit my throws using the rate switches and fly in "low" rate.
Rate settings:
Elevator- L/R 40% up/25% down (30% expo) This gives me about 3/16" up travel. That's all it needs at full speed.
Aileron- L/R 70% (30% expo)

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This does not sound like the gyro is operating abnormally. In Stabilized mode (blue light) it will soften the controls (depending on gain settings) and will help to stabilize the aircraft in turbulent air. You will also notice that it will keep you from over controlling the aircraft by not allowing the servos to move as quickly- they will still move the full amount, just not as fast. In Heading Hold mode (red light) it will make the aircraft maintain its last heading. The example we use is if you put the aircraft into knife edge flight in HH mode and release the sticks then the gyro will hold the airplane in that knife edge all on its own until the HH mode is turned off or you fly the aircraft out of the knife.

I would advise against using the gyro in HH mode on your airplane. Being so far behind the CG can definitely affect it, your best bet is to try and move the gyro as close as possible to the CG. If not possible then you may not see any kind of improvement.
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Scattermaster.........Express is exactly correct.........I have 6 of the gyros in my 1/3 scale planes being used on the rudder (and after a 35mph cross-wind at last year's Scale Master Qualifier in Mesa, Az., I put the new Hitec gyro
in everything).........the problem you're experiencing is due to the fact that you're wanting the gyro to do both jobs (HH and Rate) perfectly.........listen to anything Express says, and stay away from HH in an airplane.........set your gain for Rate operating like you want ..........tiny amounts of HH are the basis of the newer stabilization systems, but if you're going to try HH in an airplane, use the experience of the jet pilots who use it on the rudder only for takeoff.........best of flying season........
Paul Jarvis (Team Hitec-Pilot)
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