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1/2a Models in Magazines

"1/2 A" & "1/8 A" airplanes These are the small ones...more popular now than ever.

1/2a Models in Magazines

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Default 1/2a Models in Magazines

Thought this might help those who are lookin' for that new project. The 1/2a stuff really came into it's own back in the 70's, in many ways it was better back then than now, even with the new lightweight radios. Here is a list of Planes and plans , along with the Mags that they were in...

[Magazines with 1/2a Model Plans]

RC MODELER June 1974, Hot Dawg ....

RC Modeler Oct 1974, Biz Bee 1/2a Sport....

RC MODELER November 1979, Skidkid: 1/2A pattern...

RC MODELER April 1973, [3] 1/2a Warbirds....

RC MODELER September 1987, Talon: 1/2A low wing....

MODEL AVIATION June 1976, Quicksilver:1/2A Pylon .....

RC MODELER January 1970,Showmaster 1/2A backyard Flier...

RC Modeler July 1978, Whing Ding II: 1/2a Ultralight ....

RC MODELER July 1980, Quick Trick: 1/2A Pylon Racer ...

RC MODELER January 1976, Q-Tee, Buzz Bomb, TD Special..

RC Modeler January 1972, Super Chip: 1/2A pylon racer .....

R/C Modeler June 1973, Honker: 1/2A Fun Flier.....

FLYING MODELS May 1979, New Angle: R/C 1/2A Pattern ....

RC MODELER May 1971,Upstart 1/2A Owen Kampen...

RC MODELER August 1971,Bonzo, & Thunderbird (2) 1/2a's...

FLYING MODELS February 1980, Waco 10: RC scale 1/2A ....

RC MODELER March 1980 , Pelta: Delta wind 1/2A ....

MODEL AVIATION October 1979, The Hare: R/C 1/2A pylon racer ....

RC Modeler January 1978, A 1/2a Autogyro, & Little Mediator....

RC Modeler October 1976, Cheetah: 1/2A Pattern....

RC Modeler October 1977, Hornet 1/2A pylon ...

M.A.N. January 1976, Pacer, & Eyelash; TWO 1/2A Patterns....

Model Builder October 1976, The Trident: R/C Canard 1/2A....

RC Modeler Dec 1980, Sonic Booms 1/2A Sport..

MODEL AVIATION April 1979, Astron: R/C X wing cover plane ..

MODEL AVIATION June 1984, Willit: Rc flying Wing 1/2A...

MODEL AVIATION May 1984 ,Lazy Duck: Rc Canard 1/2A....

Model Builder May 1975, Sea Fury: 1/2a Pylon..

Model Builder July 1975, Little Bomb: 1/2A Pylon Racer....

RC MODELER March 1983 , Undertaker: 1/2A Pylon .....

RC MODELER July 1983, Bluebottle: 1/2A sport Bipe....

MODEL AVIATION March 1982, SuperCat: RC 1/2A model....

MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS February 1977, Cam Racer 1/2A Pylon...

MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS Sept 1977, The Yellow Jacket 1/2A Pylon..

Perhaps some others can add to this to help complete a good 1/2a catalog. Hope someone can use the info..
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines


Anytime I get close to finishing a project I start thinking about what I want to build next. So I, for one appreciate you going to all the trouble to look up and type out all those names!

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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

Yes, always more to do. I see one I left in there not a 1/2a , but would be cool to make one in 1/2a size, (The MODEL AVIATION April 1979, Astron: R/C X wing ). I think it was for a 20 sized engine. But, the rest should be 1/2a.
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

REMBY - Great idea! When I get home I will try and add what I know from Flying Models, Model Builder, and MAN.

Good source for R/C aircraft mags is *bay seller Banjoflier - always has tons of good mags for only $4-5 each. He does an excellent job of listing what is in each magazine. Also, good seller for 1/2A plans on *bay is Startpoint and Skystone01.


- I always keep an eye out for the following 1/2 Designers: Ken Willard, Don Srull, Hurst Bowers, Herb Clukey, Dave Robelen, etc.

Good stuff.... Maybe after we are all done we can make copies of old plans for each other? I am sure we each have a little of everything
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

Great post Remby!

Do you mind if I put a copy of the list on the "1/2A all the way" web site?
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

Here are some additional sets, all out of RCM -- name, plan # and pub. date.

1/2A SST #654, 8/76 Lynn S,SST and I have flown these
Centerfire, #458, 4/71
Cassutt, #469, 5/71
Little Mulligan, #486, 3/72
Fournier RF-4D, #487, 4/72 powered glider
All Star Bipe, #499, 7/72
Javalaero, #527, 5/73 powered glider
JU-88, #540, 10/73
Whizard, #547, 1/74 several on the forum have built these
Supermarine Sparrow, #576, 11/74
Haf-A-Dussin, #588, 2/75 highwing WW I lookalike
Tiger Moth, #592, 3/75
Joy Stick, #594, 4/75
Quickie 200, #603, 6/75 pylon
Half A Chaos, #607A, 7/75
Half A Stick, 607B, 7/75 -- I have these plans - stretched Stick with conventional gear
Skyrider, #611, 8/75 powered glider
Scooter MK .049, #622, 12/75 AJC had this one on the forum
Rollin Foam, #632, 3/76
Shrike Commander, #640, 5/76 twin
P-51D Mustang, #645, 6/76
Cannonshot, 16", #646, 6/76 Ken Willard
Miss Cosmic Wind, 31" pylon, #647, 7/76
Cassutt, 30.5" pylon, #657, 9/76
Peppe LaPeuw, 23" bipe, #663, 10/76
Fireball, 40" C/L lookalike, #666, 11/76
Simitar, 50" powered glider, #669, 12/76
Son of Quaker, 38.5" Old Timer, #670, 12/76
Quickie 100, 24" pylon, #674, 2/77
Twin Scooter, 40" Push-Pull Scooter, #681, 4/77
Half & Half, 34" pylon, #687, 5/77
F4U Corsair, 34.5", #690, 6/77
Schoolyard Special, 35", #693, 7/77
Rearwin Speedster, 38", #710, 12/77
Little Mediator, 36" pylon, #713, 1/78
S-Tee, 36" shoulder wing followup to Q-Tee, #723, 4/78
BackYard Canard, 22", #730, 6/78
RCM Trainer, 37", #735, 8/78
Micro Vagabond, 18", #742, 10/78
1/2A Basic Trainer, 38.5", #748, 12/78
Shockwave, 34.5" pusher, #750, 1/79
1/2A Foam Learjet, 55", #760, 4/79
Sunday Seaplane, 37.5", #763, 5/79 Ken Willard
Prairie Canary, 36" parasol, #774, 9/79
Variese, 37" Burt Rutan design, #784, 12/79 Would be a real looker
Tu Bee, 29" twin .020, #799, 5/80
Forplay, 40" float plane, #812, 9/80
Sonic Booms, 35" twin boom, #820, 12/80
Fokker D XXI, 36", #829, 3/81
Honker Rocket, 36" jedelsky wing with streamlined fuse, #832, 4/81
Marooney, 41" Mooney lookalike, #835, 5/81
Quickie, 27.5" bipe, #840, 7/81 Slick looking, but probably a more difficult build
Shoestring, 37" pylon, #866, 5/82
Small Change, 48" for .15, #873, 9/82 Would be a good scaledown
Simple Citabria, 35" Fred Reese design, #926, 11/84 Citabria is AirBatic spelled backwards!!
Simple Cub, 35", #946, 8/85
Sweet-P, 43" pylon, #968, 6/86
Bumble Vee, 37" v-tail, #978, 10/86
Sniper, 37.5", #984, 1/87 I have these plans -- scheduled for winter
Simple Duster, 35", #986, 2/87
SuperMarine Spiteful, 36", #987, 3/87
Fox 107, 46.5" Old Timer, #1004, 11/87
Sonerai, 29.5" pylon, #1079, 11/90
Skeeter, 32" speed, #1097, 7/91
Razor, 20" speed, #1128, 10/92
Pocket Rocket, 28" Fred Reese, #1130, 11/92 Several have built this
TinkerBell, 23" bipe, #1140, 3/93
Balsa Bug, 38" cabin, #1152, 9/93
Simple Cap, 35", #1156, 11/93
Das Splat, 32.5, #1178, 10/94 Winter project, but will modify airfoil
Wild Weasel, 24", #1223, 9/96
Squert, 36" speed, #1243, 12/97
Sky-Mite, 36" cabin, #1262, 12/98
P-51, 31", #1288, 10/00
4-F, 36" low wing, #1312, 6/02

Apologies for any errors that may have slipped in. Some of the later designs were electrics that can be converted.

the "other" andrew
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

Well it seems like I'm complainin a lot these days but this is something that I thought of today. I think the days of finding 1/2a plans in MAN are about over. It seems that all they are interested in for the 1/2a "size" are electrics. Now, electric isn't all a bad thing as I have a moderate interest in electrics myself. Let's face it, there are some advantages: clean, quiet, yada yada yada. But when a magazine publishes nearly nothing but electrics that kind- of twists my knickers![:@] I would like to see a little higher ratio of glows to electrics. Am I preaching to the choir?

Incidently, there is a nice speed 400 plan by Ziroli (full size, pull out) in the Dec. issue of MAN. Looks like a great 1/2a conversion!

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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

[I think the days of finding 1/2a plans in MAN are about over.]

I canceled my subscription to MAN back when they quit being "The World's Best Model Airplane Publication" to become "Just Another RC Mag."

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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

I cancelled my subscriptions to MAN and RCM last year for the same reason.
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

Andrew, That is quite a list from RCM. I had no idea there were that many.
I'm in the building mode right now for # 693 "Schoolyard Special"
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

Not at all, happy to see others adding as well. Hope to see lots more added into the list.!
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

I agree with LYNN, thats quite the list you added. I will try to find some of those and the mags they are in, thanks!
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

Today RCM a M.A.N looks like a Toy'R'us catalog.
Very disapontment.

I love Nitro
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

Without even looking much I found three major articles in Decembe's MAN that are about electrics. The free plan (which is actually really nice) is electric, there is an electric conversion of the Great Planes Little Tony and the Construction article is another electric (a B-26 I think). I am so tired of seeing electric conversions I could just about puke and although I love the idea of a free plan (especially a Ziroli plan) why couldn't have been a glow powered plane. Just seems like MAN is nothing but a thicker version of Backyard Flyer. I think I'll write a letter to express my disapproval because obviously no one at the magazine reads this forum!
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

Hey Remby,

You started a good thing.
I'll dig out a few & add them to the list.

To the moderator:
How about making this a 'sticky' & eliminate the posts that don't add to the intended content.

Good luck,
Bob G
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

There are still some 1/2a talk, plans and interest in general in the British AMI (aviation Modeller International) magazine.
I found several at 'books a million' in TN. They are a little expensive, @ 7.49 a copy, but there's an Aero Modeller magazine inside-
and free plans!.. In terms of acutal content vs ads, a bargain.
my fave mag nowdays when I can find and afford it..
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

Aviation Modeller International is one of my favourites with the Aeromodeller content (non R/C, old timers etc.). Also see RC Model World, another English mag that pretty much always has free plans, usually of smaller models.

PS: thanks for the list of plans posted. I would like to add my vote to make this a sticky post.
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

There are free pullout plans in the dec MAN. The are at least semi scale AT-6 plans by Nick Ziroli.
They are for speed 400 electric motors, 32" wing span with a wing loading of 16.5 oz/sq. ft. auw at 20 oz.
With a 049-061 that should be less.
It was designed as a pylon racer so is not a floater. Should work well as a 1/2 powered plane.
I think I'll get the canopy and cowling from NZ and put it away for later building.

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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

I am updating the list to show a few more, will post shortly. Also, I am taking Andrew's idea a bit further and adding a personal "rating", this will let you know how nice of a plane I feel it is based on overall looks, etc. Posting a picture is not practacl for each model, so a brief description, and adding a rating of say, 1 to 5 , is how I am going. A five would show a "perfect" project, for example. Also, I noticed that RC Modeler changed from a stapled magazine, to a bound ,glued type of book somtime in the 80's. That hurts if trying to pull out the plan for use, so perhaps someone knows when they changed to the "bound" ,glued binding and can add that info..
Hope to see others add more to the catalog..
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

Here are some of Ken Willards small planes. All are are prior to 1970 so they qualify as vintage under VRCS rules.

CAVU 1940's 44 0.090 FF M.B. Mar 86
Korker 1951 36 .020-.049 Low wing FF A.T. Dec 51
Drake 1951 36 .020 - .049 Seaplane, FF MAN Nov 51 plans
Pelican 1952 36 0.020 Seaplane, FF all sheet with single sided wing MAN Dec 52 plans
Stubby 1952 Hi wing ref RCM Apr 66
Duranita 1953 42/30 Sesqui. bipe, FF & RC conversion ref. RCM Apr 66 MAN Aug 53 plans
Wild Hair Joe 1954 16 0.020 FF MAN Jul 54
Sharpie 1955 30 0.020 Hi wing, FF, later RC ref. RCM Apr 66 MAN Feb 55 plans
BuzzBoy 1955 hi wing, R& kick up elev. ref. MAN May 56 Ref. RCM Apr 66
Dreamboat 1955 50 .09 - .15 Seaplane, FF & RC ref. RCM Apr 66 AT Hob. Apr 55
Breezy 1955 38 / 30 0.049 Diesel Bipe, R&E Esc. MAN Aug 55
Traveller 1957 34 0.049 Folding Shldr wing, RO AM Sept 57
Breathless 1957 38 0.049 Shldr wing R&E Esc later 42" & 36" ref RCM Apr 66 MAN Aug 57
Avalon Dreamboat 1957 Enlarged Dreamboat for Catalina crossing attempt ref. RCM Apr 66
Avalon Breathless 1958 72 0.15 . Enlarged Breathless Distance record hldr MAN Jan 58 article
Astro Piglet 1958 24 0.020 Lo wing Rudder & KU Elevator MAN Mar 58
Big Breathless 1958 72/12 0.15 . Added lwr stub wing. Endurance record hldr. MAN Sept 58
Now in Smithsonian Institute
Wee One bipe 1957-58? 30/24 0.020 Sesqui bipe MAN Apr 58 (pic p. 59)
Trojan 1957 0.020 Could be Wee One bipe ref. RCM Apr 66
Wee One 1958 24 0.020 Lo wing, RO AM Jul 58 (pic p. 11)
Brave 1960 36 0.090 Converted Veco U control kit ref. RCM Apr 66 MAN Jan 60
Slo poke 1959 33/27 PeeWee 020 Bipe indoor R/C MAN May 59
Warpy 1959 9 PeeWee 020 Indoor R/C MAN May 59
Gasser 1959 40 0.09 . Shldr wing pylon racer MAN Jun 59
Honcho Gasser 1960 50 0.15 . Enlarged shldr wing pylon racer AM May 60 & MAN Aug 60
Scorcher 1961 33 0.049 1/2 A Shldr wing pylon racer MAN Aug 61
Schoolboy 1962 36 or 30 .010 - .020 Hi wing RO MAN Jan 62
Pageboy 1962 15 0.010 15" span progressivly cut to 8" RO MAN Mar 62
Roaring 20 1962 0.010 Shldr wing RO MAN Jun 62
Hydrohoney 1962 28 .010 - .020 Seaplane AM May 62
Double Feature 1962 Twin engine ref RCM Apr 66
Waco 1963 29/20 TD 020 Bipe - scale RCM May 63
Virus 1964 34 0.049 Shldr wing. No landing gear RCM Jan 64
Schoolmaster 1964? 39 0.049 Enlarged Schoolboy - Topflite kit
Good Neighbor 1965 33 TD 020 Shldr wing trainer RCM Nov 65
Schoolgirl 1965 32/24 0.049 Sesqui bipe RCM Mar 65
Lil Swell 1965 32 0.020 Seaplane MAN Jun 65
Sophisticated Schoolgirl As above with multi channel AM Oct 67
Top Dawg 1966 39 .049 - .15 Shldr wing single ch. to multi RCM July 66
Shearwater 1967 40 .049 Medallion Seaplane RCM Jan 67
Headmaster 1967 48 .10 - .15 Hi wing sport with semi symetrical wing RCM Sept 67
Wavemaster 1967? 72 0.60 . Fiberglass Flying boat
Under Dawg 1968 39 0.15 . Fast multi channel lo wing version of above RCM Feb 68
Classmate 1968 39/32 .10 - .15 Sesqui bipe RCM Jun 68
Mini Sailer 1968 44 Glider with Midwest Foam Wing RCM Sep 68
Showcase 1969 42 0.049 Hi wing fore runner to ShowmasterRCM Mar 69
Slopemaster 1969 63 Glider RCM June 69
Skycar 1969 42 0.10 . Rhomboid wing RCM Aug 69
Cliffmaster 1969 74 Glider RCM Nov 69
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

When viewing above list of Willard designs, you will note that the formatting did not come out well.
Here is how it goes.

A/C Name Date wing span Engine size Description Plans source

Hope this explains the list OK.

Good luck,
Bob G
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

I am posting the updated list that I started with. Please let me know of any errors, and if any suggestions to do this project better for all. So, here goes...

[Magazines with 1/2a Model Plans]

RC MODELER June 1974, HOT DAWG, (No info..)

RC MODELER November 1979, SKID KID: 1/2A Sport, Gold Bee
shown, 2/3 chnl,Diamond shape 36" built up, low wing.
Alerons,Thrtl,Elevtr. Rated 3.

RC MODELER April 1973, [3] 1/2a WARBIRDS, Uses Ace Foam
Wings, Plan allows building BF109, MUSTANG, HURICANE.
TD 049 shown. 2 Chnl, Alerons, Elev. Plans also show
Rudder pulse only . 42" span. Rated 4.

RC MODELER September 1987, TALON,1/2A low wing, Sport-
Pattern. Alerons, Elev, Thrtl. Swept wing, trike gear.
From Bound/glued book. Rated 4+.

built up, 29" wingspan. Alrons, Elev. 90mph ,TD049 on
plan. Text gives info on engine tips. Rated 4.

RC MODELER January 1970,SHOWMASTER, 1/2A Trainer/Fun
Flyer by Ken Willard. (ACE Wizzard) looking, All built up.
Has Undercamber wing, Elev & Rudr.QZ 049 shown. Rated 4.

RC MODELER July 1978, WHING DING II: 1/2a Ultralight
S.O.Scale Biplane. TD 049 shown, all built up.42" span.
Two chnls, Rated 4+.

RC MODELER July 1980, QUICK TRICK 1/2A Pylon, All built up,
Mid Wing, 32" span. TD 049 shown. Alrns, Elev. Rated 3+.

RC MODELER January 1976, Three 1/2As..
Q-TEE,1/2A Trainer/sport Parsol, all built up . Rudr & elev.
Reed Valve shown. Rated 4.
BUZZ BOMB, Semi Scale German V Weppon , Mid engine , Uses
Ace foam wing, Cox .049 shown. Rated 3+.
TD SPECIAL. 1/2A Pylon, Ace foam (Swept) wing, Rear mount
Cox TD shown.32" span, Alrns & elev. Fast Build. Rated 4+.

RC MODELER January 1972, SUPER CHIP: 1/2A pylon/Sport. Cox
TD shown. 37" Span. Gear with Wheel pants. All built up,
Alerns & elev, Based on Full scale racer. Rated 4+.

RC MODELER June 1973, HONKER. 1/2A Fun Flier/Sport.
36" span, all built up. Wing is Plate Balsa, Plan shows
Aleron, Elev, rudr. Text has options for Engines, Fast
build. Rated 3+.

FLYING MODELS May 1979, NEW ANGLE. R/C 1/2A Pattern. Full
house setup, trike gear. All built up, 34" span. Angle
shape based on "Suzukqaza 20" Japanese WW2 fighter. Cox
TD .049 shown. Rated 4.

RC MODELER May 1971, UPSTART, 1/2A by Owen Kampen. Model Kit
was issued by Ace RC. Rated 4+.

RC MODELER August 1971,BONZO, 1/2a Pylon. Plan shows built
up wing,also Ace foam wing option. Also, plan shows the
Optional CASSUTT veraion. 34" span, Tail dragger. TD 049,
Rated 4.
THUNDERBIRD , 1/2a Foam Delta (no details yet.).

FLYING MODELS February 1980, WACO 10, RC scale 1/2A
Biplane. Cox reed valve shown. All built up, Stringer &
former construction. Rated 3+.

RC MODELER March 1980 , PELTA DELTA WIND 1/2a delta for
Single channel ! 29" span, rear mount TD shown. Rated 3+.

MODEL AVIATION October 1979, THE HARE, 1/2A pylon racer. TD
.049 show. All built up, Swept wing. 70+mph, Built to race
against the G.L.H. Rated 4.

RC MODELER January 1978, A 1/2a AUTOGYRO,(no details)***
Note, The ROTORUTA, A Twin roter, 24" span 1/2a, plan #714,
Single channel. Could be from this issue, unsure. Rated 3+.
LITTLE MEDIATOR, 1/2a Intermedate sport. 36" span, shoulder
mount wing.Easy build , elev & alrn. Rated 3.

RC MODELER October 1976, CHEETAH 1/2A Pattern. Foam core
wing, 36" span. TD 049 shown, option trike gear. Rated 4+.

RC MODELER October 1977, HORNET 1/2A pylon. 37" span, all
built up. TD .049 shown. Rated 4.

MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS January 1976,PACER,1/2A Pattern by Owen
Kampen. Kit issued by Ace RC. Rated 4+.
EYELASH, 1/2a pattern. Mid wing, used Ace foam wing. Two
channels, Rated 4+.

MODEL BUILDER October 1976, THE TRIDENT, R/C Canard 1/2A.
Built up swept wing, pusher engine mount. Rated 3+.

RC MODELER Dec 1980, SONIC BOOMS 1/2A Sport. Foam core
wings, 34" span. Twin rudders ,tail booms.Two chnls,
Rated 3+.

MODEL AVIATION June 1984, WILLIT, RC flying Wing 1/2A.
Has small carnad, Uses Ace foam wing . Elevons. Easy fast
build. Full size pull out plans. Rated 3+.

MODEL AVIATION May 1984 ,LAZY DUCK, Large RC Canard 1/2A.
Tail mount engine, all built up. Cox Medallion shown. Six
foot span! Glider inspired. Rated 3+.

MODEL BUILDER May 1975, SEA FURY: 1/2a Pylon. TD 049,
Light construction. Stand way off scale, two chanls.
Rated 4+.

MODEL BUILDER July 1975, LITTLE BOMB, 1/2A Pylon. All
built up, 26-29" span options. Cox TD shown. Gear option.
Rated 3.

RC MODELER March 1983 , UNDERTAKER, 1/2A Pylon. 31" Span,
All built up, low set tapered wing. TD .049 shown.
Rated 3+.

RC MODELER July 1983, BLUEBOTTLE 1/2A sport Bipe. 36"
span, Ace foam wings. Reedvalve Engine shown. Lower wing
is shorter. Rudr & Elev. Rated 3.

MODEL AVIATION March 1982, SUPERCAT, 1/2A Sport/pylon.
Ace foam wing, shoulder mount. TD 049 shown. Two chnls.
Rated 3.

MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS February 1977, CAM RACER, 1/2A Pylon.
All built up, 29" span. Shoulder mount wing. Rated 3.

Pylon. All built up, Cox TD 049 shown. Fast Build, 25"
span. Alrns & elev. Belly land. Rated 3+.

MODEL AVIATION, June 1976. B1-A BOMBER. 1/2a Sport scale.
TD 049 shown, mounts in nose. Will take a 15, must build
light for 1/2a. Rated 3+.

MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS , August 1992. A10 WARTHOG, Twin 1/2a
fighter. All built up, twin TD 049s. Full size pull out
plans. Rated 4.

/scale Ducted fan. TD 049 shown. All built up. 36" span.
Rated 4.

Biplane. TD .020 shown. Plan drawing . Rated 3+.

FLYING MODELS, August 1974, The LIT SPECIAL. 1/2A Pylon.
Cox TD 049 shown. Ace foam wing, 31" span. Twin booms,
all flying elevator. Front engine mount. Rated 4.

Great to see others add to this, I will look over them for items of interest. The rating is just
a !critic!!, so it is just a aid to find the best ones, in my opinion. Lets get this to be a complete catalog for all!
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

If anyone needs a basic Ugly Stick type fuse, the Half-A-Stick, RCM # 607B ,looks good. It has an extended nose or you can use a conventional short nose. Its long and skinny and should be quick with a Ace wing. One of these with a .074 would be nice!
I'm going to start one as soon as I finish the Schoolyard Special.
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

Here is a listing of 1/2A plans from the '94 Model Builder magazine plans catalog. Fortunately you can still get most of these plans from Bill Northrop (who is now 84 years old). His ad can be found in Flying Models magazine.

Of course looking at the pics is much better, so if anyone is interested I can try to scan a .pdf version of the catalog to email / post.

Brian (Av8rsodt)

Have fun!

September 88 1/2A Black Star: Vee-tailed, uses Ace foam wings by Michael Saponara

April 88 Boxy-Z: 1/2A RC Canard design using Ace foam wing by Glen Weber

March 87 Whathell / Necromancer: (2) quick building 1/2A flying wings by Bruce Tharpe

November 86 Footrot Flier: 35 ½” rudder only sport job from New Zealand by Bill Evans

August 88 Vindicator: Electric, hi-tech aerobatic plane that spans 45 ½: by Les Adams

July 86 Viking: Sleek wing 1/2A job for TD 049 and Ace foam wings by Mike Saponara

March 86 Micro Giant: 36 ½” fast moving, easy built two-channel by Tyrone Parker

November 85 Boeing PB-1: Semi scale twin push-pull 1/2A engine biplane flying boat for FF or 2-channel RC spanning 44” by Bill Eckmeier, reprinted from Jan ’58 American Modeler.

October 84 B.L.T.: 049 glow or .035 electric low wing trainer by Randy Wrisley

April 84 Weekend Warriors: A pair of 1/2A two channel RC flying wings based on Ace foam wings by Bruce Tharpe.

September 82 Sand Fli: easy built .049 powered flying boat-like two channel RC sport biplane by Bob Banka.

January 83 Findragger: Neat looking .049 trainer fun ship with inverted fin by Bruce Tharpe.

December 82 Griffin III: Mini full-house RC sport aircraft w/ 28” wingspan for .03 power by Bill Cannon.

December 82 Griffin VI: Same as above but with 36” span for .06 power by Bill Cannon.

June 82 Duckling: All sheet wood R/C flying boat for mini radio and .02-.049 engine by Ken Willard

March 82 Simple Simon: Really simple 1/2A sport RC for 2-4 channels by Frank Roales.

September 80 POOLBOY: [Great looking 1/2A] Tiny (20 inch span) RC biplane flying boat for .010-.020 engine 2-channel by Ken Willard.

June 80 Slick: Pocketsize RC stunter for 020 electric power, 2-3 channel, 33 inch span by Jack Headley.

January 80 DFH-23: An .020 mini-pattern ship for 2-3 channel radio spanning 22” by Brengt Lundstrom.

September 79 Cricket: Balsa profile fuselage w/ Ace foam wing 1/2A quickie for 1-2 channel radio by Jack Headley.

August 87 Vest Pocket SE5A: for pulse rudder RC, 22-inch span bug used Cox .020 Pee Wee by Fred Angel.

July 78 1930s Sportster: Small RC parasol for .020 spanning 29” by TomHoule.

January 78 J.C. Yates “Madman”: 1/2A RC (18% reduction) version of famous CL stunt ship by Floyd Carter.

December 77 Heinkel / Baka: (2) WWII pseudo-scale 1/2A push-pull RC twins by Ken Cashion.

October 76 Trident: 1/2A 2-channel RC pusher canard by Randy Wrisley.

January 75 RC Tyro Trainer: Powered glider w/ removable .049 power pod/hatch spanning 74” by Hank Cohan.

November 74 Cessna 150: Small RC semi-scale for 1-3 channels using Ace foam wing by Fred Reese.

July 73 L.I.A.H.O.: Trike geared pusher RC sport plane for Cox .049 by Bob Janiger.

June 93 Pushcart: 45” span pusher featuring a combination of old and new materials and construction techniques. Designed for any Cox reed-valve .049 by Roy L. Clough Jr.

October 93 Zoomsalot: Another Roy Clough design adapted from his 1955 slot saucer design using a Cox reed valve .049. Made from ¾” foam.

June 94 Messerschmitt M.17: 1925 two seater lightplane designed by Van Hereford for 1/2A Texaco Scale event. Spans 59”, 290 sq in WA and uses a Cox reed valve engine.

July 94 Farman F-190/F-192: A 139% enlargement of Hurst Bowers attractive electric powered FF scale model. Intended for 1/2A Texaco scale: span is 40 1/8” and wing area 318 sq in.

December 91 Heat Midwing: Perfect for 1/2A Texaco Scale RC w/ 40” span by Stuart Warner.

October 91 Alco Sportplane: Roland Schmitt’s RC scale 1920’s homebuilt for 50-watt electric power, 32” span.

August 88 Steen Skybolt: Scale homebuilt RC biplane for .10 power (or Cox .09) with 33 ½” span by Jonathan McPhee.

July 87 Stinson SR-3: Scale RC High-wing monoplane for 3-channel RC and .10 (or Cox. 09) power by Ted Schreyer.

March 85 Buttercup: Steve Wittman’s Tailwind predecessor, RC scale 45” from July ‘53 Air Trails.

November 84 Waco Biplane: A simple .030 powered 3-channel RC scale biplane w/ 29” span by Ken Willard.

March 84 Fabre Hydravion: RC Standoff scale 1910 canard seaplane for .10 glow, 69” span by Francis Reynolds.

November 83 Flying Flea: RC scale model of original HM-14 ‘Pou de Ciel’ spanning 44” by Randy Wrisley.

September 83 Buhl Airsedan: Unusual .049 powered 36” span 2-3 channel scale sesquiplane from 1928 by Jon McPhee.

April 83 Franklin Sport: Electric powered 2” scale classic biplane for 3-channel radio by Bill Gilchrist.

July 72 Fairchild 51: One-inch scale classic for RC, also FF, gas, or rubber by Hurst Bowers.

September 71 Fairchild 22: Scale old-timer for single channel or FF .020 power by Tom Laurie.

May 72 Hummingbird: RC FF scale early Engish lightplane .049 by Walt Mooney.

July 81 Spine-Tailed Swift: Contemporary 1/2A pylon racer designed to win. Easy glass fuse. By Jim Gilrenbach.

February 78 Li’l Dublr: 2 for 1 1/2A RC pylon racer and/or sport flier. Two wings. By Brad Shepherd.

July 75 Little Bomb: Minimum area 1/2A pylon racer for 2-channel radio by Wm. R. Nielsen Jr.

May 75 Sea Fury: Semi-scale model of WWII British fighter for 1/2A RC pylon by Jerry Holcomb.

February 75 Cut-less: 1/2A RC Pylon racer for 2-channel radio (elevator and aileron) by Dave Katagiri.

August 88 Fujavak: Sharp looking T-tail RC powered glider for .049-.15, 80” span by Pavel Bosak.

November 79 Pocket Soarer: All sheet-balsa T-tail 1-2 channel 50” span glider for .020 by Bruce Lundstrom.

July 92 Kerswap O/T (old-timer): .020 replica w/ 150 sq in by Dick Lyons.

September 89 Interceptor O/T: Carl Goldberg’s hot Class A pylon model for 1/2A RC Texaco by Jim Reynolds.

March 84? Super Stofer O/T: Harold Stofers 1939 pylon model scaled to 34” span for .020 replica competition by Jose Tellez.

August 86 Snuffy VI O/T: Sharp pod-and-boomish pylon Class A/B gas 50” span designed by Bob Toft. Originally seen in March ’42 Air Trails.

June 86 Super Zomby ‘A’ O/T: A fast climb and floating glide made this Leon Shulman design one of 1941’s best. Features a single retracting wheel, 44” span.

March 86 CAVU O/T: Cute little 44” span parasol from the April 1938 MAN designed by Ken Willard. Would make a great 1/2A sport FF with a reed valve .049.

November 85 Kerswap O/T: The original .19-powered O.T. pylon FF re-engineered by Bob Isaacks for 1/2A Texaco – span is 43” and wing area 299 sq in.

May 85 Privateer O/T: Small, very clean Class A/B streamline from Sept ’39 Air Trails. 44” span by Ben Shereshaw. (not to be confused with the much larger Thracy Petrides design by the same name.

March 85 Half-A Playboy: Playboy Sr. scaled to 50” span for 1/2A Texaco RC event by Jim Reynolds.

February 85 Simplex O/T: From Jan ’41 Air Trails, the simple-to-build 5ft span classic by Paul Plecan.

August 84 The Answer O/T: Class A/B Gas OT from August 1940 MAN Span 44” and WA 310 sq in by “Scotty” Murray.

July 84 1/2A Texaco Fly Baby O/T: Pete Bower’s classic in O.T. in 1/2A size for RC 300 sq in by Kelso Barnett.

January 84 1/2A Brigadier O/T: A 1/2A Texaco version of the Berkeley kit scaled down to 82% for RC by Jim Reynolds.

October 83 Wedgy O/T: “A” Nats winner 1940. Wede shaped fuselage, builds easily, 42” span by Leon Shulman.

September 83 Coronet O/T: Class A or B cabin. Span is 46.5”, WA 300 sq in. Appeared in 1941.

May 83 RC Comet Clipper O/T: Goldberg’s rubber powered Clipper scaled to 54” for .09-.15 RC by Stu Richmond.

May 83 Shrimpo O/T: Sharp little 44.5” span cabin gas model from Nov 1937 MAN by Macolm Abzbug.

November 90 Hornet 1/2A O/T: Sal Taibi’s famous 1940 Hornet reduced to 47” span for 1/2A Texaco competition by Norm Rosnstock.

May 89 G.E. Cabinette O/T: Frank Ehling’s cute 36” cabin ship from 1942 MAN, originally powered by an .09 Atom.

January 90 Lit’l Dennyplane Jr O/T: A 2/3 RC replica of the classic 1936 O.T. 48” span by Dan C. Lutz.

November 81 Half-pint O/T: Try (24 ¾” span) pylon FF gas model for Atom .020 by Louis Garami.

February 81 Heron O/T: A 48” span Class A gassie from December 1939 Flying Aces by Frank Gagne.

October 80 The S-4 O/T: Super-small gassie from 1939 MAN for .049 or Elf by Malcolm Abzug.

August 80 Hayseed O/T: Hot A/B pylon (no window cabin) 4-foot span by Carl Hermes.

June 79 Valkyrie .020 O/T: .020 replica of Carl Goldberg’s famous soaring gas model by Rudy Calvo.

April 79 Tlush Mite O/T: From May ’39 Air Trails 4-foot span gas model for Atom engines by Frank Tlush.

December 78 The “Triangle” O/T: Rare antique designed by Ehling. 1/2A RC by B. Shulman.

October 87 Olsson Original O/T: Smalles gas model of 1934, this 42” FF cabin job was originally designed by Irwin Ohlsson for his very first gas model engine.

August 78 .020 Record Hound O/T: Classic Henry Struck design for .020 replica class by Dave Sweeney.

February 78 Redwing O/T: Class A/B cabin-type gassie by Alan Orthof from 1939 handbook by Al Patterson.

March 74 Powerhouse .020 O/T: An .020 replica of well-known Sal Taibi 1938 gas model by Gene Wallock.

December 73 Intercepter O/T: An .020 replica of popular Goldberg design, kitted by Comet – by Wayne Cain.

September 73 Spook 48: Wll-known gull wing design qualifies for Antique Old Timers – by Snyder & Muir.

September 86: Cabin-type Class A/B high climber 44” span from September ’41 Air Trails by Frank Ehling.
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Default RE: 1/2a Models in Magazines

Here are some of my favorite plans:

Model Aviation magazine (can be seen online in their digital archive):
2/81 Taylor E-2 Cub by Don Srull (one of his schoolyard series)
11/86 Cessna C-37 by Don Srull (another schoolyard)

Model Builder magazine:
9/80 Poolboy by Ken Willard (.020 powered bipe he flew out of his pool

Flying Models:
5/84 (plan CF665) Sparrowhawk II by Don Srull. 48" span British sports plane.

3/88 Osprey by Joe Wagner. Powered by an .049 BlackWidow w/ slide out tray for engine / radio equipment.

Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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