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Default RE: Got my LT-40 completed

First some thoughts on how an airplane is controlled by just rudder/elevator as opposed to rudder/aileron/elevator.

To be able to turn the airplane successfully and control it there must be dihedral effect present it takes considerably more dihedral to controll with just rudder. An airplane with ailerons can be controlled without any dihedral.

Ever wonder why all airplanes intended for Rudder/elevator always have much more dihedral than those that also have aileron?

One perfect example is the kaydet which you have an interest. Look at the Senior Kaydet kit. It was intended for rudder/elevator and it has exactly twice the dihedral of the arf version which was intended for full house rudder/elevator/aileron.

When the fellows convert the kit version with ailerons and do not reduce dihedral it always results in extremly poor roll response.

It also is true If one were to fly the arf version with rudder/elevator only without increasing dihedral then roll control would be very poor it could even be non existant if the wings had been flattened as is so popular.

Your LT 40 was never intended and likely has insufficient dihedral for good roll control on rudder/elevator and certain to be difficult to fly as such as hinted at by the other responders.

You really need to reconsider this whole idea with the equipment you have or be certain to have much trouble and bunch more posting about it.