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Default RE: STOP with the oil ratio threads, please.

This is creditied to AUSSIESTEVE from yet another oil ratio thread here on RCU:

ORIGINAL: aussiesteve

I couldn't vote - there is no ''none of the above''

Scientific tests show that the oil I use should be run at EXACTLY 44.5:1 w/v

I need to also use a mixture of 2 oils at 36:48 v/v ratio then add 1.85% Castor to that by weight.

Then I mix that with a combination of 36:24:36 Coleman gas, Premium Gas and Avgas 100LL

After that - I turn around on the spot 3 times, try to stand on one leg (left leg for odd numbered days and right leg for even numbered days), and mix it with a flame torch

Then I go and fly electrics - but not LiPo powered - that is a different thread

Regards, Richard