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Default RE: Checking timing on a Saito 80

The factory method of timing the engine, is to use a timing tool that inserts in the intake cam follower bore. There is a timing hole that lines up with the intake push rod at TDC.
Since most of us won't have that special tool, no problem. Before attempting to time engine, remove the intake cam follower before installing the cam gear housing. If you have the timing correct, you will be able to clearly see the timing hole in center of the cam follower bore when the crank is at TDC. If you're one tooth off either way, the timing hole will not be anywhere near the center of the cam follower bore. Takes all the fun and guesswork out of timing them
To get the cam follower out, you will probably have to remove the cam gear and push in out that way. Ii have tried, without success, to pull them out with a strong magnet , probably due to a slight mushrooming of the cam follower on the surface that rides the cam, just clean it up, before dropping it back in from the outside, after you're sure the timings correct.
I hope this is of some use. It has always worked well for me.