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Default RE: Great Planes 25% Pitts M-12s 3D

I'll add my latest experience with mine here. Last weekend I, too, ripped one of the gear out on landing which caused a flip at the end.
I believe that the soft foam wheels GP provides with the kit were a big factor as they don't seem able to handle any side-loading. It looks like the tire shifted on the hub and caught the edge of the wheel pant, locking it up. Consequently, the gear was easlily ripped free from the rediculously inferior LG plate. After the gear folded back the back of the wheel pant proceeded to penetrate he bottom wing covering and a "bubble" out the top of the bottom wing covering also. There is a couple days work now to be done rebuilding the entire bottom aft cowl area (woodwork/sheeting/shaping, covering, etc), replacing the wheels with Dubro (should have done this in the first place), rudder tip repair (from flipping over), replacing broken prop, wing covering repair and engine clean-up. But my LG doesn't look like it's delaminating, at least. Yeah, I'm kinda p.o.'d about the whole thing.