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Default Fly near airport question....


We have flown for many many years on an Army base from fields that were as close as 1/2 mile to their airport.

As far as we know, we have never experienced any interference from the radios on the airport.

We have had a height restriction of 400 feet with the pattern altitude being 1000 feet. This gave us guaranteed seperation. We were NOT flying off either end of the runway, but were potentially in the pattern. We had a mandatory rule to put it on the ground if there were any full scales in the vicinity.

We were also required to notify the tower when we were flying so that they were aware of model operations in the vicinity and could put out a NOTAM. (notice to airmen)

Note that we are operating on 72 MHZ in this country. That said I think it is unlikely that you will experience any interference. I also think it is unlikely that your birds will show up on radar, there is basically nothing there to reflect radar energy except the engine. If your plane was covered with a metallic covering then that might be a different story.

The suggestion to contact the tower is a good one, I expect that they might be amenable to controlled tests where you are test flying while in contact with the tower to make sure there is no interference with operations.

Good luck