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Default problems w/ JR XR3i

no, I opened the box (never used) put new batteries in it to program everything, turned the wheel left to right and i heard a "snap" w/ no effort. Then the wheel just stuck to either L or R. I tried to bring it back to my local hobby shop, but in return they told me to send it directly to horizon...which I've done. Now I'm playing the waiting game. I really hope I get it back soon. Sucks to spend $$ on a product and then have it break w/out having it for more than 1 hour, and less than that out of the box.

my cheappie air tronix lasted me 1 month before I bought this...which I really love..i think i just got a lemon out of 1,........ I've got a few friends racing w/ this controller, and its been the best/trial that I've found for myself.

sucks. now i just have my fac tc3 to stare at for now.