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Default RE: Switch settings for 12FG

ORIGINAL: ozzieflyer

Have just moved to a Futaba 12FG, after 13+ years on a JR 10x.
So am working out the best switch setups.
The first thing, as I am mode 2, I got the spring loaded switch moved form the right hand side to the left hand side, this seemed to make more sense to me for Mode 2.

When I use a trainer Tx, I set the Trainer function to this spring switch.
But what about throttle cut and timer start?
The JR had an analogue trim for throttle so I never needed or knew about throttle cut. What's the best place/switch to put this on?
The timer on the JR was started from the touch screen, (one thing I miss on my 12FG)
And the timer start? I currently have the timer start on one of the spare T6 trims, seems to work ok, but not sure where to put the throttle cut, as I want to make it consisten for all my fture models.

Comments and experience appreaciated.

For throttle cut you can use the build in feature 'Throttle cut" and assign it to any switch, or you can create a mix throttle to throttle and assign it to any switch you like. (I prefer the long two position switch)

For the timer, you can assign it to any switch as well, but I like to use the throttle stick for the timer.

The beauty of Futaba radios is the flexibility of the software.