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Default RE: cleaning old engine

I've always used the automotive parts cleaner in a bucket with the metal basket. The only problem is you don't want to soak the aluminum parts for too long because it can turn a dark from the chemicals. Also you want to remove all the gaskets with the dental pick because the chemicals will eat away at the rubber. I'll try the other methods mentioned in the above Posts. They all look like a good idea.

A clean engine is a happy engine. Plus they run cooler and have less issues. I just had to replace the carb on my 1984 O.S. FS-120 (Before Surpass) because the original owner didn't keep it clean. Dirt also got in the barrel and because of that air was leaking into the carb. So clean your engines or try to keep them clean. I also run a fuel filter and air filter on all my engines. The R/C car guys do it for their mud boggers, why not us pilots? I'm sure we suck in bug guts, pollen, dirt and dust? I also inject quite a bit of Hobbico After Run Oil in them when I'm done flying for the winter season or if I'm not going to fly a certain model for a month or more.

Some of my engines look as good 4 years ago like they just came out of the box, and I hope to keep it that way.

Just my take on it.