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Default RE: JR 921 anad 123 battery


Thanks for everyone's advice. I charged up the battery until the charger said full charge. Got 6.2 volts the receiver still will not work. I am sending the battery in for service. I do not have a balance tap on this battern just onr three wire connector.
You have a problem
The cells top off at 3.6 volts per cell MINIMUM
under first light load the pack will settle at a slightly lower reading NEVER under 6.6 volts
Unless the pack has a self balancing device included you MUST have a balancing charger to get them setup correctly.
Your 6.1 reading can be any combination of numbers adding up to 6.2 -meaning you could have one cell not being charged correctly
You must have some method of reading and chaging these cells
I have setup and repaired many packs which were either hooked up incorrectly or charged incorrectly etc..
Buy a 4 CELLPRO4 charger as a minimum setup. and learn how to detect and balance cells
PS 3 wires from the pack provides individual cell reading AND charging.
check with a voltmeter reading from + to common and - to common. 3.6 each is correct