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Default RE: another preventable crash

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Please folks do a control throw check before going airborne......
I can't tell you the number of times a crash could have been prevented by a simple control throw check...usually it is reversed ailerons just like my friends 50CC Yak today......I have even seen a rubber band not applied correctly it was between the wing and the aileron....causing the ailerons not to move.....
Please take the time and get in the habit of standing behind your aircraft...just don't throw the sticks around...but look at what is happening....say to yourself ailerons right, right aileron up...ailerons left, left aileron up...elevator stick airplane up...elevators up...airplane down elevators down...rudder right, moves right....rudder left,moves left.....
I'll bet I have seen a plane a year lost to something so simple.....
A plane a year seems about right. Many years ago, I was doing it about once a year all by myself. Did eventually pick up the habit. Some guys catch the mistake before they crash. I usually figured it out at about the same time as the plane hit the ground. The only thing more important than this to remember is "Don't turn your transmitter on before you get the pin."