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Default RE: another preventable crash

I can honestly say that I am not yet guilty that particular sin. I have, however, left the darned antenna down on two separate occasions (72 MHz). One caused a pretty spectacular crash, the other, well, the plane ended up in the woods on the far side of the field some 500 yards away. I managed to find it, intact minus a broken prop, but it didn't take long for it to to on it's unplanned excursion all by it's lonesome self.

So, there is a lot to do on that first flight of the day (or the first flight of "that" particular plane). In my case, for the second one, the one that ended up in the woods, well, I had been flying 2.4GHz all day so the lowered antenna on my Little Something Extra E-conversion looked normal to me until the plane developed a mind of it's own and headed just about directly away from me towards the woods.