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^Yeah, I wasn't saying your point was wrong. If anything, your point about the drivetrain not holding up is even more so considering the numbers were lower than those you first threw out there.

Converting foot pounts to inch pounts is as simple as dividing inch pounts by 12 to get foot pounts, and multiplying foot pounts by 12 to get inch pounts. I.E., 12 inch Lbs. is 1 foot Lb. 48 inch pounds = 4 Ft. Lbs., etc.

HP = (Ft. Lb. Torque X RPM)/5252. So, if the engine makes 2.0 HP at 30,000 RPM for example, that works out to approximately 4.2 inch pounds of torque at 30,000 RPM. 4.2 inch lbs is 0.35 Ft. Lbs. So 0.35x30,000/5252=1.999 HP

Sorry, this really doesn't have anything important to do with this thread. I'm done, haha.