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Default RE: DX6i switch replacement

Hahaha, I just lost the Tumb Wheel on my DX6i. Cant access the menu.
So I call Horizon Hobby to purchase a new button\wheel. No way they say, have to send the radio in for service.
Uh, no, shipping is prohibitive from Canada for starts, the down time from shipping is unrealistic, its a needless expense on my part and a monkey with a screw driver can fix the damn button if you'd just send it to me.
Anyway, there goes Horizon's exemplary service as far as Im concerned.
We can build 30cc, 50cc and 100cc gas airplanes but apparently we're ll to stupid for a DIY kit to fix these radios that are obviously manufactured from cheap components.
Anyway, has the thumb wheel/button available in aluminum as well as the trim tabs in aluminum for the Spektrum line of radios for a decent price.
Easy as pie to change these guaranteed to fail trim tabs and button wheels.
To bad Horizon wont step up and take accountability for the inferior components in the Spektrum line of radios.
At the very least, allow us the opportunity to fix out of warranty radios on our own. It's a far cry from rocket science.

If I didnt have a bunch of Micro's from Parkzone and E-Flite, this radio would be done. Great marketing ploy by Horizon eh.