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Default RE: Which on to start with

As yakman has already said. All of Swanys planes are great. I have had at least one Mojo continuously in my fleet since first discovering them quite a few years ago and have had pretty much every size he has (all except for the 0.25 one).

The Burrito and the MoJo are very similar to fly but the Burrito is a little more forgiving because it changes direction a very tiny bit slower than the MoJo 40. Both are Excellent planes, Both are as strong as you can get in a model plane that actually flies well, both build extremely easily and both are just Cool to have.

If you are nervous about 3D - go for the Burrito. If you can already do some basic 3d, either is good but I would lean more towards the MoJo in that case.

Consider going up a size if you don't already have the engine etc as I have found the MoJo 60 or the Primo 60 to be an even better choice than the 40 size.