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Default Newbie to Electric Pattern

Hello everyone;

I'm new to the Electric Pattern scene, and flew a couple competitions last year with a 46 Glow size plane. I'm now in the process of getting a newer pattern plane to fly with this year, and its an electric setup. So, I have a few items of curiousity about this, and who else to ask but the folks who actually fly and use electric??? The plane I'm acquiring is an older Focus, which will use a 10s battery setup, or so I've been told and I will be flying the Sportsman and possibily Intermediate sequences this year. Therefore, I looking for opinions on the following:

- Charger setup: I am going to need to upgrade to one that can handle 10s or 12s packs, so What chargers would you recommend to consider, and where would I find them? I've seen a few CellPro chargers out at the fields at a competition I was at, but not sure where to get one. Also, will I need to get a separate power supply / generator for this setup?

- Batteries: Apparently I'm gonna have to get used to working with 2 5s packs in series, but what brands would you recommend? On my smaller electrics, I've been using the skypoly lipo's, but have heard some iffy info about the larger packs.

As far as cost goes for these, I'm hoping to stay under about the $600 mark for at least 2 chargers and 3 sets of batteries, but is also flexible depending on what I find out from you folks...... Hopefully this all makes sense.....

Thank you for all your opinions and looking forward to another fun year in Pattern Flying.