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Default RE: Newbie to Electric Pattern

ORIGINAL: dakoris73

Thanks again, and looking forward to hearing and learning more about the various setup options for battery charging.

I spent the last half of last year getting back into the hobby after a 10 year absence, flying my first electric (WInd 110), and practicing the Sportsman pattern. I expectsessions spent practicing to beat least10 times that of actually competing. Therefore, I oriented my battery/charging requirementsto facilitatehow Ispend most ofmy time. I like to practice in intervals similar to the way a runnerpractices for a race. Relatively short, focused, intense sessions. That means Ifly, rest, fly, rest, etc., and the rest periods are fixed, not variable. I started off with three flight packs and found I preferedto get in at least a 4th flight, andamax5 flights for a practice session. Iroutinely fly 8 minute flights. I don't like charging at the field. So after a half season of using 3 packs, I opted for 5. I place priority on what Ineed for practicing the way I like to practice. The contest scenario is therefore the exception.

I also opted for the Powerlab 8 charger because of its parallel charging capability. I can charge 3 flights packs at 1C in less than an hour. I do all my charging at home although Ido carry the Powerlab with me to the field. There is now a less expensive PowerLab 6.

Lots of options but I strongly suggest that you not skimp on your charger. You can always offset the charger investment by making an initial purchase ofless expensive batteries or a small number of batteries. Over time you can build up tothe level of packs that suits your practice and competition style/priorities.