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Default RE: Newbie to Electric Pattern

Thank you guys for all your information and assistance with your comments.

I've just acquired an older Focus pattern plane, and with the weight of the Focus frame, I'm pretty sure that I will need to be running a 10S setup for this plane. The motor that I was given with this plane is a Tacon 160 (, but after doing some research on this, I'm not too sure this will actually pull this plane successfully enough for the Sportsman and Intermediate Pattern levels. I've also noticed that I will also need to complete the electric conversion from a nitro setup to an electric setup, which should be a "fun" undertaking. Any thoughts on how to make this "easier"???????

I'm still debating on what charger options are available or used out in the field. Due to my recently limited budget, I am looking for a solid, reliable charger to get me through at least 2-3 seasons at least.

Thanks again, and any info you can offer would be very gratefully appreciated.