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Default RE: Newbie to Electric Pattern

Thank you all for your great and insightful comments. Its sure nice to see how helpful everyone's been regarding all my newbie questions. with that in mind, I am going ahead with the purchase of the CellPro 10xp as suggested by you folks, and now to find a good power supply to power this with. Being on a limited budget, I kinda have to buy things one at a time, so I figure I will start with one charger and power supply for now, and then get a second charger when money is more available for this.

tggilkey - I have been following the PROLOG thread very intently, and I also know Robert who is doing that thread, and he has been a great help for bouncing ideas and opinions around with. I do like to get other folks opinions just in case so that I have a good, well rounded idea of things....... hehehehehehhehehehehe

I see you mentioned using a Computer Server power supply, and I'm a bit intrigued by this. Is there documentation or instructions out there somehow showing how to set this up? As luck would have it, I happen to have several desktop power supplies and a couple server power supplies available, and could save a few bucks with using one of these instead. How challenging would it be to create / modify one of these to work with a pair of CellPro 10xp chargers adequately while charging at either a 1C or 2C charge rate for 2 pair of 10s 4900 mAh lipo packs?

Thanks again, and I'm so looking forward to another exciting year in Pattern Competitions.