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+1 to what Zeeb and Jezmo said.

12'' is old school when talking about a modern and correct setup.

The only thing that has really changed is the quality of the newer generation ignition units. Those of us that were running ignition 15 and 20 years ago had to go through lots of things to prevent interference. Please do not think that the 2.4 equipment is a fix all to the '' Old school '' rules. One would be foolish to install radio equipment close to ignition and ignition power sources. Even the IBEC units have filtering designed in to make sure noise dosen't get back to the RX. IMO unless one is very familliar with RF and antenna function he should not suggest against techniques that have been proven for the past decade.

2.4 ghz is in fact a fix all to all those old school rules. I read somewhere that systems operating above 300mhz are immune to RFI generated by ignition systems. I have not been able to verify that so I have been running tests to try to verify it. So far everything I have done indicated it is true.
Unfortunately 2.4 has other idiosyncrasies. One, everyone should know about by now. That is it contains microprocessors that are intolerant of low voltage.
Another is it is very susceptible to multipath.If you remember the TV with rabbit ears antenna,an airplane flying over would make the picture flicker.The signal that bounced off the airplane arrives at the TV with a different phase as it traveled longer. It subtracts from the main signal and causes a flicker.
The frequency diversity (Hopping)systems are less susceptible to this problem.