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Default RE: fpv camera in cockpit. Does this give me enough view?

I hate to belabor the obvious, but I am myself a glo/gas engine fanboy having done very little with electrics.

But the thought immediately occurs to me that if a person wants to go FPV, then electric is the only sensible option, so this might be a good time to "go electric" if you haven't before.

I haven't yet played with FPV, but I want to, I can tell you that I have already decided to do so with an electric build for the two most obvious reasons.

Vibration: Even ignoring the fact that vibration is hard on the camera electronics, FPV should be better with an electric airplane if the camera isn't vibrating due to the engine running.
Cleanliness: The moment you take out the "messy" quotient, mounting and flying becomes a heck of a lot simpler and enjoyable.

The pic in the OP is already starting out hazy, and the engine hasn't even been started yet. Once that glo engine starts throwing sludge on the windshield, you may quickly run out of any useful FPV that you had when you started.