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Default Question about Radio Interference

I know Ihad written some about this before. But this seems a little different, so I thought it would ok to ask this type of question again. Only this time it's a little different.

I've always been in question about Radio Interference. Where Ifly almost nobody is around for miles. Isay almost because there could be people, but the nearest flying club is several miles away. Back when Iwas learning to fly, my trainer's manual that stated that one should turn on the receiver and watch and listen to the control surfaces. I Also had a guy tell me, this is a bad idea. Anyways I check for interference by turning on my receiver. This year, I took two planes out, and turn on the recievers. Both set quietly. However today, Idid the same thing with the third plane, and it jumped around a little bit and then got quiet. Itried this several times, and it behaved the same each time. When I turn on the Transmitter and then the receiver, everything is ok. Then when Ido a range check, everything works ok too. What really puzzle's me is, last year I was testing things out on the same plane. The reciever went bad, and Ihad to buy a new radio system for the plane. The year before the radio system went bad Iwas getting the same results every time Itested for interference. I'm trying to determine if there is something in the airplane causing this phenomenon. It's a 72 Mhz Radio System by Hitec. The old Radio System was also 72 Mhz system by Hitec. Both are the same frequency.