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Default RE: .28 in a funfactor? oh dear....

Aye aye stranger, long time no see!! I still pop in from time to time but not doing much racing at the minute. Raced 1:10 electrics for a few years and did ok but switched to micros for a while. Now not doing owt. Have been thinking about resurrecting the FF though, hence the visit here. I was torn between a Savage, a 1:8 buggy and the FF but cost dictates that the FF will be the winner.
Big change for me was the birth of my daughter (three yrs ago!!) and a couple of (enforced) job changes. Been tinkering with the 1:1's aswell, got an old Toyota import that I am slowly getting back to 100%.
I know your post was from a while back but I hope to catch up with you soon mate, get some enthusiasm back into the CEN forum!!
Laters, jon.