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Default RE: do ailerons provide lift?

Now, can Ipick on GarryHarris? (Sorry Gary)

Now if you build two wings, one with ailerons, and another without ailerons , but of equal wing chord, I don't see how having ailerons would create any more lift than the wing built with ailerons. So I'm still saying no.
Your test will not really tell you to much. Both wings being equal chord, they will fly so close to the same that you will not be able to discern the difference. If anything, there will be a small increase in drag on the aileron equipped wing due to the gap, but that is about it.

If you would really like to see the difference in the lift made by the ailerons, just build one wing. Build it with the ailerons and go fly it. Fly it a few times to get used to the way it flies, and then cut the ailerons off, and go fly it again. That will tell you what difference the ailoerons make.