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Default RE: .28 in a funfactor? oh dear....

I remember the promo vids when the Slash was first released. It was getting the hell beaten out of it at a skatepark. A few weeks later one turned up at the track to race with the trucks and had too high a c of g and fell over at every corner. For some reason Traxxas are really expensive in the UK. The new 4 wheel drive version is being sold with batteries and all the other bits is £520 which is about $800. When you add on the RPM stuff (which looks fantastic) you are nearer the $900 mark!! It's a bit much for something you could race 6 times a year at the club I race at.
I did race the 1:14 scale touring cars for a while and found it really relaxing. It's nice not to have jumps in the way of your perfect line!!