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Default RE: You might be a Kitbuilder if...,

ORIGINAL: rhall999

Whata laugh I have had reading through these and thinking to myself, "I've done that a time or three".

My contribution:

...if you have held the CA bottle to your ear and squeezed it to see if the nozzle is clear and gotten CA in your ear......shortly followed by trying to use your finger to clear it out and having to explain your finger stuck in said ear!

...if your wife is mad because she can't find the windex but you have2 bottles in your flight box and one on your bench because you are using it to form sheating on the leading edge.

...you have three extra kit boxes in your shop, one full of balsa bits, one full of plywood and spruce bits, and one full of10 or moresets of old plans.

...you have "waxed" small patches of your leg hair due to CA soaking through your pants making removal painful.

...you have enough wood and supplies to scratch build 3 or more airplanes at any given time.....and still stop in at the hobby shop because you were in the neighborhood.

I am still laughing! What's even worst about having the windex bottles is your wife finding said bottles in you shop or trailer after she had to look for them. i started using 409 so she dosnt get confused lol.