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Default RE: You might be a Kitbuilder if...,

You think Glue and paint is NORMAL everything you have to wear!
Your shop has so much stuff on your table you build over a trash can.
You are at a friends house and you spot a balsa glider in the trash and You offer to take out their trash.
Your wife gives you $20.00 to get Pizza Hut Pizza, and you get 3 for a dollar Tinos Pizza's from Wat-mart,
and Defend your actions?
You make a run to the LHS for a sheet of 1/16th Balsa, and come home with a New Project. 5 hours later.
You view every kitchen utensil as a potential building tool.
Your wife is scouting your shop for Her stuff.
If you think you can get Grilla glue off of your fingers.