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Default RE: Here's A Simple & FREE First Foam Build Plan! (Part 2)

Heya Critter!

Long time, no hear/see.

Hope your finger has healed-up and fantastic to hear that you're getting into work that you love doing. Can't ask for much more than that

I've been a bit slack lately too - not much "building". Not even a lot of flying lately either. Lost my mojo a bit somewhere along the way. We'll just have to work on getting that back

I bought a 4-axis CNC foam cutter, and was pretty enthusiastic with that for a while. The software is a bit of a mongrel to get your head around, so it's kinda tappered off atm.

Re searching for pics, it's easy to do on RCG - they have a specific search for attachments, so it's easy to find most of the pics (so long as they are attachments and not URL's). Alas, that feature hasn't been presented here on RCU yet.

However, if you enter 'pic' in the "search this thread" section up the top there, you will at least see posts that have the word 'pic' in them. That might get you at least a few posts either side of a pic, as most ppl mention "pic" somewhere in their post.

Also, while once you've started a "search this thread", there's option right up the top under NEWS that says "For search help click here".

Clicking on that shows you some different syntax options to help refine your search.

Maybe that will help a bit - ideally, a 'show attachments this thread' option might come along some day.