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Default RE: Twin nitro engine syncronizing gizmo?


Be very careful in trying to match rpms on twins, one will be a little less powerful than the other. You will end up with a lean engine if you are not careful, that is a dead engine on one side.
I tune one at the proper setting and than the other the same way, I do not try and tach to match RPM's I have seen others do that and the result is an engine that is not happy and stops in mid-air.
The plane will fly just great, both engines will function properly and No-one will ever know the difference
This is way to do it if you want to keep your plane alive and well. The only thing i might add is that once you have the first engine set, shut it down and then start and set the second engine without temptation of getting them in sync.

I agree that they sound great when they are in sync. But you need to ask yourself what is better. Good long life for the plane or the risk of a shorter life that sounds really cool?