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Default RE: Twin nitro engine syncronizing gizmo?

If your radio has a throttle curve function or a multi point mix you can use this to synchronize your engines. Simply tune up both engines so they run great, then determine the idle and the max rpm you want to run. Now say idle is 2.5k and max is 12.5k and you have a 6 point mix curve then each point is in 2k increments. I set up each engine where they are in sync at each mix point. Idle 2.5k, point II 4.5k, point III 6.5k, point IV 8.5k, point V 10.5k and Point VI 12.5k. The sync is all in the radio and not in the engine. Just make sure each engine runs good on its own. And always hold the plane vertically to check for lean tune on an engine just as you would for a single engine plane. Good Luck.