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Default RE: .28 in a funfactor? oh dear....

Got my girls a couple of TT01E's for christmas for them to run while I play with mine. Nice little cars, cheap to purchase and pretty sturdy thankfully due to their slower speeds in stock trim. I thought about doing a brushless conversionf for them, but the girls like to run the cars in the low 20MPH range and thats fine and cheaper for me. I just finished a spec motor class car for my saturday racing league. running a brushless spec motor 17.5 in another RS4 Pro.. trying to get the speeds down so the damage is minimized as some of us..(NOT ME) are complaining that its too difficult to drive at high speeds and maintain control. Surprisingly its not the older guys.. LOL To be fair, its usually turns into a blood bath for the cars.. Running 60mph pitch black at night with only LED lighting is a challange.. But very addictive..