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Default RE: .28 in a funfactor? oh dear....

You should try and start an informal group. thats what started this club. most of the members are all friends anyway which helps and everyone is welcome to join. No fee, just show up and bring a sense of humor. Newbies gete abused in the beginning and for some it never goes away. We ran again this saturday night and I brought out a couple of the touring cars. The insane RS4 and the modified 17T.. the track wasn't prepped and it showed. Understand the track is a dark street with Belgian Block Curbing and sewer drains in the dark.. ran the slower car first and honestly was quite boored with the speed. Only hitting mid 40's.. LOL eventually brought out the big insane class and it was all hell broke loose. Too much dust and gravel and we were bouncing off the curbing, launching the cars 40 feet off the road onto neighbors lawns etc.. Great fun!!!! surprisingly the only casualties where a couple of broken arms, One shattered chassis (sorry Tim) and a blown diff and bulkhead. I didn't break anything and have since been accused of not trying hard enough.. LOL Maybe I will try harder next week. Scouser.. You can run these cars just about anywhere.. We used to run in a large prepped parking lot, but found its more fun to run at this location.. Bathrooms, food and tv are always available. Besides if my daughters get boored, they just turn on the computer and play realflight (flight simulator) They are becomming quite good at flying and will soon be allowed to use my planes..
No Rules, No regulations.. Just fun.. I used to run at a couple of outdoor dirt tracks and one paved track that were so hung up on rules that it took away from the fun of this hobby.. I will continue to do this as long as its fun... everyone has enough stress in their lives without turning a fun thing into a headache..