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Default RE: cn ctr 5.0 rtr nitro sedan ????

I had one for a while.. It was a fast car that handled fairly well.. Parts availability is OK, not great you just have to get lucky on certain things. The engine when it is tuned correctly actually runs quite well. While not as good as some of the OS or Italian Race engines, it will still give you plenty of speed. I have a couple of other nitro touring cars and can give you some kind of a comparison. Against the RS4 it will smoke it easily and outhandle it as well if set up well.. I don't have any info on the OFNA as I don't own one. The TC3 depending on what engine you run will handle better than the Cen but I doubt it will outrun it. Lastly I would dare to compare this car with my Traxxas Nitro 4tec 3.3. They are very similar in speed with the edge going to the 4tec only due to the gearing in the Cen. You need too much track to hit anything close to top end. The Traxxas is just too quick off the line and reaches top speed very quickly.. almost too quickly. handling is the Traxxas's achilles heel. The Cen will handle better even when not set up correctly. You can get the Traxxas to handle OK, but with the overpowered motor and misplaced weight distribution it will never be great.