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Default RE: cn ctr 5.0 rtr nitro sedan ????

ORIGINAL: The Real Dogman

I personally love CEN Racing's Products!! I have several and every single one of them have been a blast and durable as hell! I used to call my Genesis and Nemesis the Savage killers because everytime I went oout with other friends who had savages or Summits or even t-maxx's they alway wetn home broke but not my CEN monster trucks.

I actually sold all of my other monster trucks except the CEN stuff. Well, thats not entirely true I still have my t-maxx but thats because a friend said he wanted to buy it but still has not.

As for the CTR 5.0 you will need some high speed skill because that bad boy is a screamer!! I mean it flat out cooks!! And parts are easy to get if you order directly from CEN's retail website found at scroll down to the interactive parts ordering system, which is pretty cool in itself. You click on the model your looking for parts on then a big exploded veiw of your model platform pops up then you find the part your looking for and click on the part number next to the part and link takes you to the product page of the that part on CEN's retail website to make your purchase, tis that easy!! And from what I understand CEN carries 95% of all the parts for ALL of the models they ever sold. Including the long discontinued GX1 and TR4 platforms, which were the earliest versions of the CT5/CTR 5.0 platforms! Not many RC companies carry/support the legacy models like CEN does!

I have been a longtime fan of CEN Racing products and have heard some of the guys Sh*t-talking about CEN, but I always ask them if they have ever owned one and that will usually shut them up. The prodcuts sell themselves once you get one in your hands and see and feel the quality of the materials used is second to none!

I hope this helps
I wish I could say I still have my Cen stuff, but all of it is gone for good. your review is just about spot on as for the Genesis MT.. My friend has one and that thing is a beast.. It doesn't hurt that its quite a bit larger than anything else out there short of a 1/5th scale. I stand by what I said about the CT5 after owning one and being able to compare it with some other cars that I also own. I loved the car, but couldn't justify keeping it mostly because of Cen Corps issues and spare parts availability. I'm glad you still have yours and still running it now. I have a friend who still has one and he keeps trying to get me to buy it from him.. I just can't find a good enough reason to own a 4th nitro touring car.. If it was brushless I would be all over it. LOL