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Default TT Pro 40 engine problems

I have a TT 40 Pro that I plan to use for Club 40 pylon racing. It is my second TT Pro 40 engine. The first works flawlessly. This second engine has problems. After a few flights the engine sat for about a month (with afterun oil) Back to the field I fired it up, all appeared normal so I taxied out. When I accelerate to takeoff the engine reves and the plane accelerates but the engine suddenly dies. Back on the test bench I can duplicate the problem so I switch to a new glo plug. The engine would accelerate smoothly and then suddenly slow and stop unless I backed off on the throttle. I dicovered that I could delay the problem by opening he needle valve but this does not solve the problem. With the needle valve open 3.25 turns I noticed that the engine was not sounding any different at any throttle setting over about 2.0 turns. It is hot but not sure what overheating would feel like. Is there a temperature I should not exceed?

I was using a Master Aircrews 10x6 prop.
15% cool power fuel.
I tested fuel and pressure line and found no leaks.
The needle valve assembly is solid and I do not see any leaks.

Any suggestions?