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Default RE: cn ctr 5.0 rtr nitro sedan ????

Thank you for your support gentlemen,

I have to mention that HRP will be carrying our line of products soon and they have 4 warehouses around the country. You can order from them as well as calling me using the telephone numbers provided below in my signature. Or you can always order from our retail website linked below:

I found most haters never owned a CEN product, but instead took the problems some actual CEN owners posted on various websites and exaggerated those problems. And admittedly there were some operational problems that could be traced to the California warehouse which was owned by a third party. And as a result, that warehouse no longer exists and I now handle ALL of the customer issues and questions! I can tell you with the utmost confidence those issues are non-existent. And true those problems did cause a few customers to turn away from CEN, but we are running strong and the word is getting out that we are handling our business!

CEN can proudly state that we carry 95% spare parts coverage and %90 legacy spare parts coverage! That means when any calls for parts or support, I answer the phone and you can get parts for models that have been long discontinued! Going back to the TR4 or the GX1 I have only found a very few parts I cant get for you.

CEN will also be releasing a couple new lines of both 1/10 scale electric and nitro models called the Matrix10 Offroad and Zoom10 Onroad Series coming soon!