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Default Free R/C Park threatened



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[TD="class: alt2"]This Wednesday night the Newberry RC Park Board is hosting a public meeting. The meeting was originally designed to meet the criteria for applying for the grant to help our park out. Unfortunately it will now double as a meeting because we are facing opposition from the baseball parents about the flying of airplanes and copters out at the park.

The parents who haven't once said anything to me or anyone else associated with the RC portion of the park are now all a buzz with safety concerns. The majority of their concerns stem from the planes and copters being a distraction which as a former youth coach of 20 years EVERYTHING IS A DISTRACTION but other concerns are the what if's should a plane or copter crash.

We actually had a crash yesterday of a T-Rex 600 but it crashed where it should have crashed, out in the flying zone and obviously in front of the flight line well away from the baseball fields. That matters little though because the parents want it stopped while they are practicing or playing which is basically 7 days a week.

On behalf of the park we will be defending and attempting to work out some compromises (not compromising of safety naturally) but if you like what we are trying to provide for you then don't let us stand alone on your behalf.

The meeting will be in the Newberry/Easton gym at 7:00 Wednesday evening on the 17th, this Wednesday.