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Originally Posted by hllywdb View Post
Has anyone done one of these yet? Seems like a natural choice for a TD 020. Reasons are simple. My 020 wee stick is fun, kind of like a radio control nat. But at 6oz if a cow farts on the other side of the field it gets a bit squirley. My GLH, on the other hand (the one with the 1/4" thick wing) will fly through a tropical storm. So I've got a GLH drawn up with an 18" span and an under 1/4" wing, still built up (Hey, I like working with toothpiks). Anyone have any idea what prop might work well? Thinking maybe something around 4X2.5 or 3.5X3? Probably have to cut something down.
Ok, bought the router bit cleaned out the glue, most of it so far. And im worried im going to go too deep. So far im about .045 deep, but i bought magnabraid Which is only about .020 thick. I feel to get the gains nice and true i still need to go a bit more. After primer and paint, with no filler...