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the Scepter and/or Super Scepter are variations on the Deception if memory serves. There are at least a couple of threads here on the subject.

It's basically a RE configuration Deception with a pipe tunnel spanning the length of the fuse. It has a more "slight" curvature to the pipe tunnel top deck than the original Deception canopy which is short. The tunnel also spans the width of the fuse which is flat at the base of the tunnel. It wouldn't be hard to modify a Deception plan to result in a Super Scepter. The model was molded and glass fusees were made which consisted of 2 pieces - the fuse and the pipe deck. As far as I know, the wing, stab and vertical were all Deception. Actually, the top is not unlike how the Arrow is done exccept it doesn't have the inflexion in the canopy that the Arrow has. It's top is also shallower than the Arrow's.

Other than producing the glass pipe deck for a complete kit, a laser cut Scepter would be cool. Then again, A Deception kit exists already and one can use the standard canopy or use a larger Escape canopy for a very similar model.