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Default Hello & thank you

Hello all

I just bought a used HPI savage x 4.6 off ebay. It's got a new engine, (im told) big bore shocks, BP Diffs, futaba s3305 servos on the throttle, break and steering. It also has a 2.4ghz radio. (Thanks to this forum I know what all this stuff means)

My plan before first run. (fuel comming via ups any day now) fix the body, clean the truck as best I can without taking it too far apart. Inspect for damaged and missing parts, replace or fix said parts, inspect engine for compression, test the glow plug and finally, blue (Not Red!) Thread locker on all screws that go Into metal. (Thanks to this forum I know how to do these things or that I even should.)

So far I have only gotten to the body and some minor inspection. The body was an utter wreck, cracks from the rear post holes, up the fear cab window, in all the rear facing corners as well. Was so bad when picked up, the body kind of jiggled. It's missing two screws that I noticed, Nothing major. The diffs seem good, the grease is a very bright blue. Electronics work well servos are fast and responsive. The wire on the reciever seems a bit short but the last RC I owned was in 1998. (An RC10T2) So maybe it comes that way. Its missing the antenna tube.

I haven't gotten to the engine yet but have fixed the body. Thanks to this site and YouTube. I have used the drywall fiberglass tape and shoegoo method to restored the body to a rigid protective shell it's supposed to be.

Will be completing the rest of my pre run tasks tomorrow. I just wanted to start a thread to say thanks to everyone for the Info and Invite any who would like to offer advice or ask any questions.

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