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Thanks again guys, for all the tips. I *ALMOST* did the maiden on Sunday, but it was our group's Training Day and I was tied up training newbie pilots. It was a ton of fun but my Viper was sitting pretty in the pit area, calling to me...

Yep I am going with a dead stick landing, even on the maiden. It's a bit of a nervous proposition, but even when at idle, the Viper scoots along fast with very little taxi control. So yes, it appears slowing down in flight would present even more of a challenge. Also, I am thinking landing with the engine off will save a lot of props...

Where can we fly glow power over grass in San Jose? LOL - it's a huge vacant lot just north of Ramac Park. Google-map it, and come by and see us this Sunday. It appears there will be a break in the rain, so if the weather is decent, we'll be out there. This vacant lot is a tad narrow, but fantastically long. Myself and others have been flying nitro there for years. As a group, we have talked to cops and PG&E and they are cool with us. We also do night flying there, which has triggered a lot of "UFO" panic calls to police.

One time, a cop car pulls up during our night flying and the police called out to us over his loudspeaker: "Hey, I'm just letting you guys know you scared the crap outta me!" - LOL, that was epic! He came by and chatted with us later. He said, for a split second he thought he was seeing an actual UFO alien thing flying around. Huge LOL!