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Default AMA doesn't care about disable people or veterans!

For years now I have been trying to get the AMA to change their policy regarding disabled people including veterans. They give a membership discount for retired (over 65) people -- but not for disable vets or other disabled people. The discount is only about $20 per year, but for those of us who are disabled it would make a big difference. And it is only fair considering they give that discount for those over 65 regardless of income and health.
When speaking to the AMA (a previous VP Jim McNeil, and others) I have been insulted and told that I don't matter because there are very few disabled people who fly RC.
I have been an AMA member (#145497) since 1982, give or take some years because of health problems. I am a veteran. The AMA doesn't care!!
Please help -- I need some support on this issue. Thanks very much,