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Originally Posted by ticketec View Post
Holly crap! you must have eye's like eagles and fly massive models!!! We had 3 different people not see it, and at that range, the model was less than 2mm wide if you held a ruler up.

My 1.2 is not exactly unrepresentative, falcon 120 is only 1.6m span... but my FPV ship wasn't travelling at 200km/h either :O
Were do you set you home on the GPS?
Oops, my error, it was 1km, not 1.6km, but I could have seen it ok at another 0.1km. The model was a mere Trim Sabre, span 66" or just under 1.7m, metal-koted so it blends into the sky! It's small by current jet model standards.
1.2m is only 47inches, less than a typical .40 glow motor sports model, that is small by today's standards.
Not sure what you mean by "home on the GPS". I don't have any stabilisation or auto pilot systems, there is no return to home capability. The GPS logs position, speed height etc for telemetry and review later on a google earth 3D ribbon.