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Basically, you want all conditions but condition #1 to be off when you turn on the transmitter, otherwise you'll get the warning. No way to get around it. If you need five conditions, do you really need to use a logic switch to operate them? You can have one three-position switch with conditions 1, 2, and 3 and a second 3-position switch with off, 4, and 5. Then, you can move all the switches to a known startup position and you'll get no warnings.

One good idea about switch setting is to have all the switches set up so that when they are all flipped away from you, you are in your startup/takeoff position. "All forward--GO!". Futaba calls that setup as having the switches set to the "Up" position. "Down" is toward the flyer.

Do you use the logic setup to make it more difficult to get into conditions 4 and 5? Using the logic switch makes sense, then. still, you can set it up so that the switches flipped away from you will be your startup settings. Set the order of the conditions to make sure they are arranged so that you get them operating correctly, since the ones "farther down" the list take priority over ones higher on the list.