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It seems that the problem intensified when three technologies were finally integrated: quads w/ self stabilization, self navigation, and FPV. I would wonder what would happen if say two of those three went away? While I wish that everyone would follow the rules, that doesn't seem to have worked out too well so far. Stiff fines will help, but the problem is that the best way to consequence human behavior is reinforcement that is "Positive Immediate and Certain or Negative Immediate and Certain." Current enforcement mechanisms are anything but immediate and certain. So from the potential offender's standpoint, it's a low probability - high consequence calculation. I like to believe that AMA members won't be the downfall of RC aircraft flying as we know it, non-AMA members are doing a pretty good job of putting us on that path. However, while we can complain about "them", the reality is that AMA/AMA code doesn't matter a bit to the traveling public - a group that just wants to know they can put their kids in an airliner and it's not going to be endangered by a "drone."