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runout789, Your Sunday weather forecast sounds just like ours here in Georgia, West of Atlanta. Your member bio doesn't have your location information but if you're close by I would be happy to help you get back on the sticks on Sunday. I would hate to see you ding that Cub as they are nice planes and it's just not right to crash a Cub. I have the same G.P. Cub and have it on the charger set to fly on Sunday. If you're not close and I can't help, please get some one to help get you and the Cub back up in the air and down safely. It won't take much to get you going on your own again but the Cub could get hurt, and so could your wallet! Remember , you told your wife "it won't be that expensive". Good luck with that if you came home with the Cub in a trash bag! Where are you?