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Well, it turned out to be a beautiful day. The wind picked up later in afternoon but I was able to get all the kids and airplanes loaded up and to the field. None of my children had seen rc flight so they were stoked about daddy's giant toys in the basement finally getting played with. There were a few other flyers getting there just as we did. Naturally the cub becomes a topic right of the bat. I did choose to fly it first. I am glad I did even though I would have been way more upset damaging it. After explaining that these were my first flights in over a decade everyone was very encouraging and eager to see how it went. I fired up the Saito after triple checking everything and with a couple clicks of richening, I was as ready as I was going to get. I followed it to the center of the runway rolled the throttle on slow and preformed a perfect knock kneed scale cub takeoff. Even I was shocked at how great it looked. I expected some jittery mess of a jerky climb to safety. Instead I was treated to a wonderful flight and after a bit of trim adjustment and a couple rolls and a hammerhead or two I made an approach and all seemed like second nature. Knees started again on final as I had about a 45 crosswind but my first landing after 13 years was maybe one of the best two point cub landings I had ever made. I could not have been a happier, fun filled, readdicted man if I tried. My wife looked relieved as well . The Nemesis was up next. I knew this would be a another animal from the cub. Same thing, follow to center of the runway and roll on the nitro. This one needed almost zero trim. I was extremely impressed with this arf from Seagull. It was sleek, fast and just beautiful in the air. The wind was becoming a lot more of a factor so I made a couple practice approaches. This thing REFUSES to slow down! It wants to fly, there is no question about that. But I was able to get it in for a few landings in before conceding that I was not going to risk gusty crosswind flying running what was otherwise a perfect first outing. Thank you to all of you for the words of encouragement and you can consider me the newest readdicted flyer on RCU. I look forward to great discussions, pictures, stories and advice. That is what I have always read here. So I expect nothing less.


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